Clinical Treatment

Why Choose Clinical Treatment?

Restoration House Ministries offers clinical, individualized treatment options for those seeking greater success and wholeness in recovery. These evidence-based models and clinical programs are uniquely tailored to each individual, giving the client the best possible opportunity for life-long recovery.

Our clinical program blends timeless, biblical truths and faith-based principles with modern evidence-based treatment methods. True freedom becomes a reality, if the recovery process perfectly blends theology, psychology, and the natural realm all together at once. When an individual’s spirit, soul, and body are treated holistically in a Trinitarian fashion, healing flows into the entirety of the individual.

Typically, our clinical program lasts anywhere from 60-90 days, depending on each client’s initial assessment and treatment plan, prescribed by their therapist or pastoral counselor. Through this clinical process, the patient engages in evidence-based addiction models that can provide spiritual tools, practical steps, relapse-prevention education, and group accountability that promote a lower relapse rate recidivism.

Our state-licensed clinical program offers:

  • Consulting Medical Doctor with specialized training in Addiction Medicine and Neuroscience
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker for Dual-Diagnosis Therapy
  • Master’s Level Pastoral Therapist under Clinical Supervision
  • Screening
  • SUD Assessment and Treatment Planning
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for PTSD
  • Support Groups and Aerobic Exercise
  • Aftercare

Our clinical program is state-licensed and approved for those individuals suffering from co-occurring problems, such as both substance-use and other mental-health disorders. We recommend that most individuals initially enroll in our 60-90 day clinical track and then transition into the long term, residential, discipleship program. The intense clinical portion provides the necessary education to help with relapse prevention techniques, trigger identification and trauma-coping management, as well as additional hours of psychotherapy for those who may need it.

When a clinical program is run effectively and engaged in wholeheartedly, the reward of life-long recovery is sustainable.

IOP package includes:
Screening, Intake, Assessment, Treatment Plan, Clinical Counseling, Group Counseling, Client Group Education, Pastoral Counseling, All random urinalysis and alcohol tests, all program exercises, and all consulting fees with other medical professionals, and all correspondence with attorneys and probation officers.


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