Experience Nature’s Healing Touch 

Discover the transformative power of nature therapy program in Kodak and Newport, TN. Harnessing the beauty of the outdoors, we provide holistic healing and recovery services for individuals struggling

Nature’s Healing Touch

Ecotherapy: Recovery in Nature

Nature’s Power

Holistic Healing

Elevate Your Recovery Journey

Nature therapy, also known as ecotherapy, offers a unique approach to healing and recovery. If you’re struggling with drug addiction, the absence of a connection with nature can hinder your long-term sobriety. However, by embracing nature therapy, you can tap into the beauty and healing properties of the natural ecosystem, increasing your chances of sustained well-being.

Discover the Healing Harmony of Nature Therapy in Kodak and Newport, TN

Restoration House Ministries offers a unique and practical approach to recovery through our Nature Therapy program. Our dedicated team understands the profound impact that nature can have on one’s well-being. It utilizes its therapeutic benefits to support your journey to sobriety.

Discover the Power of Nature

Personalized Plan

We’ll create a customized Nature Therapy plan that aligns with your specific circumstances and preferences.

Nature Immersion

Engage in guided nature-based activities, outdoor mindfulness practices, and therapeutic exercises tailored to your journey.

Integrative Approach

Nature Therapy is just one aspect of our comprehensive approach to recovery. We integrate it with evidence-based therapies, counseling, and support services to provide a well-rounded and holistic treatment experience.

Sustainable Healing

By connecting with nature and learning valuable coping skills, you’ll be equipped to maintain your sobriety and well-being even after completing the program.

 Embark on Your Nature Therapy Journey

As your guide on this journey toward healing, we offer a three-step plan to help you regain control of your life:




 Discover how natural therapy can benefit you.



Customized Plan

Tailoring ecotherapy to your unique needs.



Outdoor Sessions

Engaging in nature-based healing activities.



Support and Follow-up

Continued care for lasting recovery.

Reconnect with Nature and Rediscover Yourself

At Restoration House Ministries, we believe in the transformative power of nature. Our nature therapy program, also known as ecotherapy, allows individuals to immerse themselves in nature’s ecosystem’s beauty and healing properties. By incorporating nature therapy into the recovery process, clients have a greater chance of achieving long-term sobriety. In the serene landscapes of Kodak and Newport, TN, we offer a unique and holistic approach to healing, providing an opportunity to connect with nature and experience its profound impact on well-being.


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