Restore Harmony
& Connection

Strengthen family bonds and heal through connection with Family Systems Therapy

Understanding present and past conflicts

Learning family system roles

Grasping the impact of chemical dependency and addiction

 Building an Unbreakable Family Foundation

At Restoration House Ministries, we understand the devastating effect of addiction on family dynamics. Our unique approach to facilitating transformation and healing is based on the following:

Strengthening family bonds

Transforming family relationships

Healing through connection

Our experienced therapists work closely with each family, equipping them with practical tools to combat dependence and effectively supporting them through the process.

Restore Harmony and Rebuild Strong Family Bonds

Our Family Systems Therapy program at Restoration House Ministries is dedicated to transforming family dynamics and strengthening bonds. Through evidence-based counseling techniques, we help families navigate the challenges of addiction and co-occurring mental health issues, offering the support and tools needed for lasting healing.

Our Plan




We begin with an in-depth evaluation of each family member’s needs to understand the scope of addiction and its impact on the family unit.



Treatment Plan

Our therapists develop a customized therapy plan tailored to each family member’s unique needs.




We implement the treatment plan through regular counseling sessions, ensuring the family is thoroughly supported throughout the journey.

Rebuilding Stronger Families Together

At Restoration House Ministries, we understand addiction’s profound impact on families. Our Family Systems Therapy offers a comprehensive approach to healing, focusing on improving communication strategies, resolving conflicts, and understanding the role of chemical dependency within the family unit. Through talk therapy and counseling techniques, our experienced therapists facilitate the transformation of family dynamics, fostering understanding, resilience, and lasting change.


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