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Matthew Johnson


My highest honor in life is being rightly related to the Father through my faith and identity in Jesus Christ. I have been radically delivered from addiction, and my passion is to see others walk in freedom. I am first, a husband; second, a father; and last, a pastor. I have been in ministry for 15 years and have vowed to never sacrifice my marriage or family on the altar of ministry. I’ve been happily married to my bride Megan of 13 years, who also gave me two, beautiful daughters named Blakely and Ember.

I am a life-long learner, and my hobbies include spending time with my family, enjoying all things outdoors, lake life, working out, and teaching the Word. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree from University of West Florida, Master of Arts and Master of Divinity degree from Liberty University, and a Post-Master’s Certificate in Advanced Assessment and Clinical Diagnosis from New York University. I am a Level Two (Private Practice) Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (LADAC-ll) in the great state of Tennessee! 

Kenny Ball


Restoration, relationships, and renewal. I feel like my life breathes this.
From needles to pills, I did whatever drug I could get my hands on for 20 years. I hit the end of my rope when my dad said “you can’t stay here”. Little did I know that is exactly what I needed to change. At age 12, I never thought I would become homeless or an addict…. but I did. I flat-lined three times, yet there was always someone there to bring me back to life. (God had a plan!) Finally, after becoming homeless, I had a rock bottom moment, I didn’t know what to believe in, but I cried out to God, hoping he was real, and just like that- God orchestrated a chain of events that led me to a recovery center. I died to who I was and became new. I was ALL IN. Over time, I worked my way up to become Executive Director. God proved his faithfulness. As time went on, I met my wife- we have a marriage that can only be accredited to God, and I have three sons which I was praying for restoration for. And now I have custody of them all!! He radically set me free, changed my thinking, gave me my amazing sons back, gave me a God-fearing wife, and allowed me to open up this Faith Based organization!! How good, faithful, and merciful God is. I was dead and now I’m alive and free!! I am a graduate of Oral Roberts University.
Thank you Jesus. I owe everything to you.

Colby Jagnandan


I have been radically transformed and set free from addiction. I started this journey almost 9 years ago when I came into the revelation of who I am in Jesus Christ. I have a passion to pour into people the truth of the gospel on a personal level and to watch them receive freedom. I have a beautiful wife with two beautiful daughters that I love and cherish. I maintain my relationships only by maintaining my relationship with Jesus Christ, first and foremost. My hobbies are fishing, being outdoors, helping people, and making people smile. I believe laughter and smiles are good for the soul.

Derek Chaffin

Executive Director

It’s amazing to me that I even have the privilege to write this statement about my life, knowing where I was 5 years ago. In 2017, I was radically set free from a 14-year heroin / opiate addiction by the blood of Jesus. First and foremost, I’m a son of God, clothed in righteousness. I’m also a husband to a beautiful woman of God and father to three, beautiful kids. I am the Executive Director at Restoration House Ministries and am blessed with the privilege to tell other people the same good news that set me free. I once had burned every single, relational bridge in my life, but now I am watching God restore all of them. I enjoy seeing others find the same joy I did when God takes the foolish things of this world and uses them to confound the wise. I’m a living testimony to prove the Lord’s goodness. I am a graduate of Oral Roberts University.

Derek is under clinical supervision to become a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor.

Mark Ernest, M.D.

Chief Medical Director

Mark Ernest, MD, is a General Practitioner with specialized training and expertise in Integrative Medicine, behavioral health, addiction and recovery. He attended both medical school and residency at the Quillen College of Medicine in East Tennessee. Further honing his skills, Dr. Ernest pursued a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine from the University of Arizona. He has gained particular proficiency in the applications of Naltrexone and Low Dose Naltrexone therapy. With a holistic approach to healthcare, Dr. Ernest integrates conventional and alternative treatments to provide comprehensive care for his patients.

Dr. Rikki Pleasants, M.D.

Psychiatric Director

I am board certified in Psychiatry and have been working exclusively in the field of addictions for the past 9 years. I have found my passion in this field, and my mission is do my part to instill hope for a successful recovery to each and every person finding the strength to reach out for help. I believe that every person is unique, and the treatment of each person should be individualized to address physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects. My desire is for people to be set free of the burdens that hold them back from reaching their true potential. I have seen many people go from feeling unworthy and broken to feeling valuable and strong, leading successful and fulfilling lives, and it is extremely rewarding to witness this healing occur.  I am grateful and blessed to be a part of this amazing team at Restoration House Ministries.

Janice Hendrix, LCSW

Clinical Director

Janice is the Clinical Director of all residential and outpatient programs at Restoration House Ministries. Janice combines decades of experience working in hospital units, crisis centers, and psychiatric residential programs with a passion to see people walk in freedom and wholeness.

Jesi Wright


Jesi is a board certified nurse practitioner that specializes in integrative care and medically monitored, withdrawal management for individuals with severe substance use disorders. She has years of experience working with those that struggle with substance use disorders that also need detoxification because of chemical dependence and addiction.

Jesi’s integrates holistic care to her approach in treating patients, while also providing a faith-informed approach. Jesi enjoys working with individuals with both substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health issues at the same time.

We are blessed to have Jesi as a part of our medical team!

Courtney Sutton, RN

On-site Nurse

Micah Bonner

Director of Clinical and Creative Operations

Kara May

Finance Director

I have been working in pastoral ministry and ministerial administration for over 12 years. I have a Bachelor’s degree from Lee University in Church Leadership. I am married to my husband, Ben, and we have two boys, Asher and Levi. Ben and I currently serve in pastoral ministry together.

Other than my family, there is nothing I find more joy in than seeing people’s lives changed and transformed through Jesus Christ. The Lord has allowed me to be involved in several areas in ministry and I am honored to be a part of Restoration House and helping on an administration level for this incredible ministry. Whatever it takes to see people walking in all that God has called them to is where I want to be!

Bill Hakes

Pastoral Counselor

For the past forty-eight years I have been a counselor and later an ordained minister. Dealing with people in personal crises has been a key component of my ministry.

Although I have personally never experienced substance addictions of any kind, nevertheless, I have had to rely on the intervention of the Holy Spirit to overcome strongholds in my life.

Since joining the team at Restoration House Ministries, I have the privilege of utilizing my training in counseling and experience as a pastor to be an influence to those transitioning from the hopeless path of addiction to freedom in Jesus Christ.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master of Divinity degree in Pastoral Counseling. My training at the undergraduate and graduate level of education has given me valuable input to address individuals who are in bondage. Yet, it is the reliance on the Holy Spirit who indeed is the Change Agent who truly makes the difference in individuals’ lives

Kyle Jones

Program Director

I struggled with addiction and depression the majority of my life. My heart and my life has been completely changed by the blood of Jesus. I stepped into sonship and stopped running from the calling God has on my life. Since I had the revelation of who I am in Christ, I’ve had restoration with my children & my family and I’ve been radically set free from addiction and depression. Now, I proudly labor beside the rest of the staff at Restoration House Ministries in helping others experience the same level of freedom that I have. I spend my leisure time with my two amazing children, Kofe and Kaizley.

Kyle is under clinical supervision to become a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor.

Michael Shane Thomas

Marketing Director

Clinical counseling intern

I knew Christ as my Savior early on, but I never truly embraced His love until He delivered me from the depths of sin. I began dabbling with drug usage in my early adult years. After losing my mother to addiction in 2000, I began to struggle with my own identity and got deeply involved in a lifestyle of addiction. I used narcotics, benzodiazepines, and a few times, crack / cocaine at first. Over the span of 20 years, my addiction escalated to the much more major issue of intravenous drug usage involving methamphetamine.
This lifestyle continued as I attempted to care for my paternal grandmother. Being there for her, however, gave me purpose. Yet, I felt worthless and shameful because of my addiction. Feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness plagued me for two decades as I had allowed drugs to overpower me.
After my grandmother passed away in 2018, I knew I needed to get help, so I turned to Jesus once more. I went to a faith-based recovery center, completed the program, obtained full sobriety, and learned how to walk more closely with Him. Through the program I found that I was never alone in any of my addiction. Christ was always there with me. Although my mother had passed away, the Lord gave me time to care for my grandmother to instill in me a true sense of family. He also granted me an understanding of my own mother’s struggles. Even after the loss of both my cherished family members, God presented me with a never-ending supply of spiritual brothers and sisters, and He continues to give them to me daily in ministry life.
I am now 6 years sober. God in His grace and mercy has granted me a place of vocation in giving back to a recovery ministry all while keeping my sobriety and helping others to do the same. I am delighted I get to minister to those who have come to Restoration House Ministries with a similar background. This is not just a job for me or any of us. This is a family. I get to minister to those struggling with identities that the world has given to them, and I get to teach them that their true identity is in Christ.
“This is a trustworthy saying, and everyone should accept it: ‘Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners”—and I am the worst of them all.’”
I Timothy 1:15 NLT

Michael is under clinical supervision to become a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor.

Mason Payne

Marketing & Clinical Counseling Intern

My name is Mason Payne and I have sat around and watch addiction effect my family’s life. It’s robbed so much from me personally. Addiction is something that steals, and doesn’t give back.  But I understand healing can happen and Restoration is possible. This place has allowed me to make this opportunity possible for others.

Mason is under clinical supervision to become a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor.

Zecheriah Scott

Case Manager 

During an altar call at a small town church near his home town in West Virginia, Zecheriah gave his life to Jesus under his father’s preaching and pastoral ministry at the age of 13. However, by the age of 21 Zecheriah strayed into a season of addiction and brokeness that would last for nearly three decades. He meandered through many dark realms painted with alternative belief systems, sexual promiscuity, manipulation, deception, and a plethora of substance and alcohol abuse accompanied by a vast array of mental illnesses. The despair was so severe, I nearly lost my life to five suicide attempts and two accidental overdoses. On July 4, 2021 Zecheriah rededicated his life to Christ. Shortly after, he suffered a relapse while going through many demonic and spiritual experiences. In December 2021, he came to RHM, and exactly one year later he graduated the program free from all mental distress and active substance abuse. Zacheriah made amends to his family, and he staffed on to the ministry to be lead case manager and author of RHM’s weekly devotions on the Facebook page. However, Zecheriah is most excited to be apart of the growing family at Restoration House. He enjoys playing the keyboard, reading and spending time with his family.

Zecheriah is under clinical supervision to become a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor.

Matt Randolph

Vocational Director and Facility Manager

I grew up in a home of addiction and alcoholism.  My mother was an alcoholic.  My dad was a lineman and was not there very often.  I never thought that I would amount to anything in my life, considering the life I was born into.  I went to work with my dad at the age of 16 as a lineman and I worked with my dad for several years. In the year 2001, I was in a nearly fatal car accident.  I hit a log truck head-on going 120 mph.  I was in a wheelchair for nearly one year.  The doctors thought that I would never walk again.  One day, while I was at home in that wheelchair, broken and miserable, God told me “If you ever want to walk again, you will have to make a stand, son!”  I was up and walking again within 7 months!  After the accident, my addiction began to take over my life due to all the pain that I was experiencing.  My childhood and the middle part of my life was one pained with addiction, homelessness, and hopelessness.  God took me from a place of being alone and broken. My grandmother gave me this slip of paper one day and asked me to go try this recovery program and finally at the end of myself, I said I would go. I ended up entering a faith-based recovery program and graduating from there.  I also met my wife, April Randolph, at that program.  She and I were married, and we were blessed with a beautiful, miracle little girl, named Abi Jo.  My life has been one of trials, hard times, and miraculous blessings.  It is by the grace of God and only Him that I am even alive today to share my testimony of healing and overcoming addiction through the Word of God and faith in Jesus!  Learning the Word of God is the most important thing that it takes for one to overcome addiction.  I have seen God’s Word come to life and Jesus Christ has changed my heart and given me a purpose to want to see others change their life.  It is so important to take the Word of God, believe it, know it, and understand it.  I have a passion inside of me now to see others change and want to live a new life, fully redeemed, and restored, through the power of God and faith in Jesus Christ.  To overcome the childhood I lived, the chaotic life that I was brought up in, and lived, to overcome all the trials and tribulations, I owe it all to God and all to Jesus Christ.  It is only through Him that I am alive and able to share my testimony with others!  All Glory to God!!!  I am grateful for Restoration House Ministries and the pastors and staff here and how much I love everyone here!  I am so blessed to be able to work here and walk with everyone here at this ministry.  We are a team and part of God’s Kingdom!

April Randolph

Admissions Director

April is under clinical supervision to be a licensed alcohol and drug
abuse counselor.

The people who have been healed of the worst afflictions are often the most grateful for their new lease on life.  My story is much like that of Mary Magdalene’s.  I was once enslaved by seven demons and freed by Jesus Christ. I knew Jesus was the only answer to my freedom! I also experienced what should have been a fatal heroin overdose; I was in a coma, had aspirated, and my husband Matt Randolph found my cold, lifeless body and called the paramedics.  I was on life support for 4 days and woke up on the 4th day.  My husband never stopped praying, never stopped believing I would come back to him. Jesus delivered me from a life of total bondage, but through my desire for healing and trusting obedience to Jesus, my life, my heart, and my soul has been made new!!!  God blessed us with a miracle baby girl in 2016 named Abi Jo. I am grateful and thankful to be a part of Restoration House Ministries and feel blessed to be a part of this team!

If there are words for my Savior, then I don’t have them.  My brain has not reached a point where it could form a thought that could adequately describe the greatness of our God and my lungs and my voice are so inhibited, restrained by human limits, you see, if there are words for Him, then I don’t have them.  He is honorable, accountable, indescribable.  I use words as an expression of worship to a Savior that has won my heart, captured my mind, defeated me in my rebellion and sin; He has bound my heart and mind together; He has welcomed me into His presence; He has made Himself the object of my sight, captivated my heart and soul, flooding me with mercies in the morning, drowning me with grace in the night.  Words are just tools we use to point to the Truth.  My God sent His son Jesus as The Word, living proof, the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation, and by Him all things were created.  He is before all things and above all things.  Holy is His name.  The Word has a name, hope has a name, joy has a name, love has a name, and His name is Jesus Christ

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