Find Healing and Hope with Personalized Individual Therapy 

Overcome Addiction and Find Lasting Healing with Tailored Therapy Sessions and Comprehensive Trauma Treatment

Personalized Healing

Root Cause Resolution

Tailored Therapy Sessions

Medically Supported Care

Comprehensive Trauma Treatment

At Restoration House Ministries, We understand the stakes

Drug addiction can be debilitating and isolating, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the road. If left untreated, addiction can have serious consequences, including financial problems, legal issues, and strain on relationships. Restoration House Ministries understands the stakes involved and is committed to helping you regain control of your life.

Find Lasting Healing with Individual Therapy

At Restoration House Ministries, we understand that seeking help for mental health and addiction issues can be challenging. Our therapy services provide a safe and confidential environment for our clients to work towards resolving the root causes of their struggles. Here are three ways that individual therapy can help you:

Personalized Healing:

Our therapy sessions are tailored specifically for each person, providing a customized approach to healing.

Root Cause Resolution:

Our therapists partner with you to help identify and resolve the root causes of your struggles, providing long-term solutions for lasting healing.

Comprehensive Trauma Treatment:

We provide medically supported care for a wide range of issues, including substance abuse disorders, mental health concerns, and religious trauma, among others, offering comprehensive trauma treatment to help you overcome your challenges.

The Guide

Individual therapy can be an important decision for anyone seeking to improve their mental health or overcome personal struggles. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

We Recognize
the Need

First, recognize the need for help by assessing your feelings, receiving feedback from loved ones, or seeking a professional assessment.

Consider Logistics

 Consider location, availability, and cost, and see if the therapist offers teletherapy or online sessions.

Set Goals and

Work with your therapist to set specific goals and expectations for your therapy sessions.

Commit to
the Process

Be open and honest with your therapist, attend sessions regularly, and follow through on any homework or exercises they assign to make progress towards your desired outcomes.

The Process

As your guide on this journey toward healing, we offer a three-step plan to help you regain control of your life:



 Assessment and Treatment Planning

Our experienced therapists will work with you to assess your needs and create a personalized treatment plan.



Individual Therapy Sessions

Our tailored therapy sessions provide a safe and supportive environment to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.



 Continued Support

We provide ongoing support to help you maintain your progress and stay on track toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

Find Your Path to Personalized Healing with Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an excellent option for those seeking help with substance abuse disorders, mental health concerns, family and relationship issues, grief and loss, self-harm, and religious trauma. Our therapists provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings and work towards resolving the root causes of your struggles.


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