Transform Your Life Through Faith-Based Discipleship Program

Discover a Unique Approach to Addiction Treatment at Restoration House Ministries’ Faith-Based Discipleship Program in Sevierville, TN

Faith-based recovery approach

Intense, higher level of care

Personalized attention and support

Comprehensive addiction treatment

Experienced, compassionate staff

At Restoration House Ministries, We understand the stakes

We know that addiction can cause significant harm to relationships, health, and finances. Addiction can also lead to feelings of guilt, shame, and hopelessness. But with our Faith-Based Discipleship Program, you don’t have to face addiction alone. Our experienced and compassionate staff will guide you through every step of the recovery journey, providing the support and resources you need to achieve lasting recovery.

Overcome Addiction with Faith: Restoration House Ministries’ Unique Approach to Recovery

Restoration House Ministries provides a Faith-Based Discipleship Program to help men struggling with addiction find a path to long-term recovery. Here are some of the ways our program can solve your addiction problems:

An intense, higher level of care that provides the support you need to overcome addiction and live a fulfilling life.

Evidence-based addiction treatment combined with a faith-based approach to recovery gives you the best of both worlds.

Personalized attention and support from our experienced staff ensure you receive the guidance and resources you need to succeed.

A comprehensive addiction treatment program that addresses all aspects of addiction, including physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

A safe and supportive environment that promotes healing and personal growth.

The Guide

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction in Sevierville, TN, choosing the right rehab center can be difficult. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which program will provide the best care and support for lasting recovery. However, Restoration House Ministries’ Faith-Based Discipleship Program is the top choice for several reasons.

Faith meets evidence

Our program blends evidence-based addiction treatment with a faith-based approach, providing a unique foundation for long-term recovery.

Elevated care

Our program is specifically designed for men who need more respect and accountability to overcome addiction. Our experienced staff offers personalized attention to help you succeed.


Our comprehensive approach to addiction treatment addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of addiction, providing the best possible outcomes.


Our staff is experienced, understanding, and dedicated to helping you achieve lasting recovery.

Safe Haven

Our residential program offers a safe and supportive environment for men needing addiction recovery. We provide comfortable accommodations, nutritious meals, and a range of recreational activities to make your stay as comfortable and successful as possible.

The Process




During your initial consultation, we’ll assess your addiction history, medical needs, and personal goals for recovery.



Personalized Treatment Plan

 Based on your assessment results, we’ll create a personalized addiction treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and goals.



Ongoing Support

Our experienced staff will provide ongoing support and guidance throughout your recovery journey, helping you to stay on track and achieve your 

Holistic Approach to Lasting Recovery at Restoration House Ministries

Our Faith-Based Discipleship Program combines evidence-based addiction treatment with a faith-based approach to recovery. Our program includes individual and group therapy, 12-step meetings, and pastoral counseling to address addiction’s spiritual, emotional, and psychological aspects. Our experienced staff provides personalized attention and support to help you achieve lasting recovery.


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