Strategic Planning


To see the miracle of recovery in the lives and families of the Greater Smoky Mountain communities by providing faith-based recovery programs and clinical treatment options to those who want freedom from addiction and co-occurring disorders.


Restoration House Ministries exists to offer hope to individuals suffering from various addictions and substance use disorders through evidenced-based treatment models that are discipleship driven, psychologically focused, and clinically informed.

Core Values

Every Individual is worthy of recovery

Offering holistic and comprehensive treatment for persons served and for their families

Creating on-going educational and competency opportunities for its employees

Facilitates and insures a safe environment for both staff and persons served

Insuring integrity, Honesty and Transparency in business and financial related matter

Protecting the privacy and safety of persons served and personnel involved

Accountable and Accessibility to Personnel, Stakeholders, as well judicial and legislative governing bodies


Provide Low Cost Clinical Treatment options for our East Tennessee Demographic.

Achieve CARF, Joint Commission, and Medicare Certification for our facility Reviewed October 5th,2023 for Relevance Reviewed October 14th, 2023.

1.C.2.b.c- Strategic Plan

Addition of more clinical programs operating at different times to increase accessibility for persons served while also providing gender specific group options.
Development of clinically competent individuals giving persons served the highest level of treatment.
Exposure to different networking relationships with payer contracts to increase financial growth.
Addition of Higher Levels of Care to provide different treatment options to those that need more intense services.

Expansion of facility space, technology advancement and land acquisition to increase capacity and accessibility for persons served.


An Executive Team with decades of successful medical and clinical practice

A knowledgeable and unified board of directors with years of successful leadership operating and overseeing corporate business structures

A successful model of staff recruitment and retention that promotes team unity, as well as individual growth and responsibility

Supervised Clinical Education for staff seeking licensure.
A long term successful reputation with stakeholders including court systems, probation offices, religious bodies, healthcare facilities, and state and community referral sources.
Conscious Compliance Department that historically produces an environment of care with minimum or 0 deficiencies in service implementation to persons served.
Fiscal department that promotes the efficient use of facility resources, accurate reporting of source funds and maintains state and federal audit requirements.


Fairly New in Operational History (22 Months Old) so expansion and land acquisition is impeded until our organization has at least two years of financial record history and credibility.
Majority of Staff Population has limited experience relating to clinical treatment practices.
Limited Treatment Service Times that impedes accessibility and participation of persons served.
Limited availability of Female Clinicians that can facilitate and run female specific clinical groups running in the evenings to increase access and availability.

1.C.2.b.c- Strategic Plan

Limited Sober Living Availability which affects persons needing supportive housing while undergoing treatment.
Limited Benefit Packages for Support Staff.



Pending HUD contract approval for a 9 bedroom 5 bathroom house to be utilized for supportive recovery housing


CARF accreditation that will promote greater clinical standards relating to persons served


Education for direct service personnel to meet CARF standards


A higher standard of professionalism that promotes more favorable stakeholder optics


Increased financial revenue from payers


Collaboration with other treatment programs in the service area

Action Plan


Gain Facility Certifications, especially CARF’s 3 year accreditation by October Survey Date. Target Date- October 25- 27th/ Ongoing


Add an additional Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program Time in the afternoon. Target Date- April 2024.

Addition of more payor sources and referral network sources. Target Date- March 2024 (Goal-3 new payers)
Expand more training opportunities and clinical supervision for licensure candidates. Target Dates Scheduled-September 24th, October 22nd, 22rd, November 19th, December 17th, December 18th, February 19th, April 22nd, June 17th, August 19th, October 28th)
Explore alternative funding sources, such as state and local funding sources. Opioid Abatement Fund Grant Submission Target Date- October 1st. Creating Affordable Housing(CAH TN Grant) Target Date -January 31st, 2024.
Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase community awareness of Restoration House Ministries presence outside of East Tennessee. Target Date- March 2024. 1.C.2.b.c- Strategic Plan
Develop a 5 year financial projection with accompanying budget reflecting recent payor involvement in the financial planning process. Target Date- October 2023.
Complete more formalized treatment planning collaboration meetings using more standardized assessment tools that can be integrated into current EHR. Target Date- September 2023
Implement the six-month program evaluation and outcomes procedure to better streamline survey results. Target Date- March 2024
Implement quarterly report which will show a baseline regarding key areas plus the goals relating to performance improvement objectives. Target Date-December 2024
Evaluate main threats of high risk areas from risk assessment evaluation results and Implement procedures to adhere to industry best practice standards, the safety and welfare of residents and personnel, the fulfillment of mission and vision statements, state and federal regulatory requirements and C.A.R.F. standards Target Date- Ongoing